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We are builder and manufacturers of the Lantis formula vee chassis's, kits and cars. We supply a long list of spares to help build and maintain your formula vee.



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Lantis was born out of a true passion for Motor Sport that was not only limited to competing , but includes the Technical Side of the Sport . The main aim back in 1998 was to build an Affordable Cape Town Formula Vee that would assist in building the Class in Cape Town. In 2018 the principals have not changed but have been adapted to accommodate the current needs . The aim now is to still offer an Affordable way of getting into main Stream Motorsport that will suit your Budget. You can ether order a complete Car or Kit depending on your technical knowledge and Budget

Formual Vee

How Does It Work

1) There is a picking/ Price list of all the Parts needed to build a Lantis Formula Vee.
2) You pick the Parts / Labour and will get a final price depending on what your Choose
3) Your Kit / Car is Built and you Collect once Ready

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June 1998
MSA Took National Status away from Formula Vee and it was decided to build the Class in Cape Town on a Regional Basis in so doing MSA would have no option but to reinstate National Status as if Successful F Vee would be one of the Only Classes nationally that would have two Regional Championships in addition to the National one
November 1998
An Arrows F Vee was sent to Cape Town to assist with building the Class. From the information gained from this Car the first Lantis Formula Vee frame was built. Once complete the Plug was built and moulds Made .
December 1998
4 Lantis Cars were built in two months
1999 – 2017
14 Cars were built in this period and Raced
LMS Was started to supply chassis's and spares for the class as cars have become increasingly difficult to find

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